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Please note we only accept cash at this time

  • Thursday — free admission for everyone

  • 5 years and under — FREE every day

  • 6 to 61 — $10 per day* on Friday (before 5 p.m.) through Sunday

  • 62 years and older — $5 Friday through Sunday

  • Exhibitor passes — $20 (purchased in secretary's office)

*Friday after 5 p.m. — 6 years and older is only $5

No dogs are allowed on fairgrounds. Support animals with proper markings (i.e. vests) and documentation are welcome.

Map of the Grounds



Please assist us in providing safe conditions in the fairgrounds through your cooperation with these parking and vehicle operation restrictions:

  • Please keep designated handicap parking spots open for disabled persons who are in need of those.

  • No cars or trucks can be driven or parked within the fairgrounds during the fair except for those listed below. Temporary access will be given to vehicles in the act of delivering or removing livestock and exhibits from the grounds.

    • service & delivery vehicles​

    • emergency vehicles

    • vehicles competing in the Mud Run during that specific event

    • vehicles delivery and removing acts and attractions

  • No operation of ATVs, UTVs or other non-licensed vehicles will be allowed on the grounds except for motorized equipment used in:

    • cleaning the grounds and barns​

    • carnival operations

    • ATVs participating in the Mud Run during that specific event

    • antique tractors and equipment participating in those specific events

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